Impactful and

customizable resumes

with a simple interface

cvdunk help you create modern resumes and save some precious time. Tweak the resumes to your tune. And land the perfect job.

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"Crafting a standout resume is finding the right balance between standing out and fitting in"

At cvdunk we think you can achieve both !

Pick from our 7 efficiently designed templates

To be customized super simply

Quiet Energy template
Teal Lake template
Seaside Coast template
Electric Scooter template
Modern Influence template
Path Finder template
Path Bender template


We have a free plan !

No hidden cost, no credit card required

Our free plan has no strings attached: you can print and modify your resume as many times as you want. And our Pro Plan packed with amazing features is coming soon... !! Stay tuned

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Common features

These features are common to every plan

  • unlimited PDF prints (well, with some slight rate limiting past 100 a day)
  • 7 professional templates
  • unlimited template swaps
  • unlimited input history
  • unlimited and unrestricted styling



Get a resume with a professional design to kickstart your job search.

  • check1 resume

Fine tuner


Use specific resumes for different job applications.

  • check5 resumes
  • checkCopy a resume content onto a blank resume

Professional (coming soon)


All the advanced features to fine-tune your professional narrative, ensuring your resume impresses and elevates your career trajectory.


Get the right set of tools

to craft the perfect resume.

International by design

International by design

The resume only contains your own input, there is no language specific items added to the final document.

Lightweight files

Lightweight files

Your resume data will be effectively compressed to produce a lightweight PDF file. Most resumes weight between 80KB and 120KB.

A simple interface

A simple interface

The simple layout allows for a fast completion of your resume and easy navigation between sections.

Profile picture alterations

Profile picture alterations

Crop and alter saturation, lightness and contrast of your profile picture.

Content history

Content history

An history of meaningful inputs is kept at all time so that you can recover an older phrasing if required.

Template swap

Template swap

Change the template of a resume at any time, with a preview of each template adapted to your resume.